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About Us

Communication in America has become complex. We strive to be effective in strengthening the overall communication of American life. Being able to understand and relay our thoughts productively while doing the important everyday tasks in our lives is imperative.

Our Program

Currently all of our classes are taught by volunteer teachers and aides. Our facilities are donated and our books are either donated or loaned. We offer United States Citizenship Preparation Classes and 5 different levels of English Classes to non-fluent English students.  English is learned by the student that has no knowledge of English and the student that is preparing to go to a college or technical school. We have worked with students from 40 different countries.  We also have a children's program.  We assist ESL students with their homework and strengthen their reading, writing and math skills.  Our Child Developement Program for children 0-6 years old is conducted via a partnership with KinderKids, Inc.

Board of Directors

  • Gracie Shepherd, President, Secretary
  • Michele Bridges, Vice President, Treasurer
  • Teodosio Estrada
  • Juan Castillo

Our Staff

  • Janey Rule, Executive Director
  • Barbara Moran, Program / Curriculum Director
  • Volunteers - the heart of our programs






Janey Rule is our Executive Officer. She loves people and the pursuit of making a positive difference in the life of the individual. She has been working in the English as a Second Language field since 2002 and enjoying every step of this journey.