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English Classes


We offer separate classes for all skill levels; absolute beginner, intermediate, advance intermediate and advanced. Usually you will be in a class with people that are at your skill level.  We strive to not mix the classes except for social events and conversation classes. 

Beginners - We will begin at the letters and simple words or where you currently are.

Advanced – We will meet your individual need, i.e. college, work, conversation.

Join us not only for English classes but for a social environment that will bring you new friendships, social events and tours of your new city or town.  You will strengthen your English skills and have lots of conversation practice with your friends from many countries.

We like to eat.

Lots of lunches and potlucks!

We go on field trips to different sites, i.e. museums, boat rides, canal trips or shopping, where you will learn and enjoy things about where you live. We’ve gone bowling and have had baby showers.

Your teachers are world travelers and appreciate other cultures.  They love other languages and know how difficult it is to learn another language.  They understand the value of what they are teaching you and how it will positively affect your life every day you are in the United States.  The English language can seem difficult but our teachers will teach you what you need.