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VOLUNTEERS are the core of this program.  We are continually striving to add different programs to our already very successful classes.  But, the only way that is possible is with the support of individuals who are willing to commit their time and energy into empowering another person. 


  • willing to share your knowledge with others
  • willing to empower individuals

Currently we are looking for volunteers who are willing to: teach English as a Second or other Language classes;  assist the teachers and those who would like to work with our United State Citizenship, and TOEFL classes.  There are several supporting positions that need to be filled to move this foundation forward.  Maybe you have 1 hour in a month that you could do computer work or make phone calls. 

The commitment we are looking for is whatever you have to offer.  We prefer our teachers and assistants work no more than one class per week.  That is just a few hours of your time a week.  But, if your schedule cannot support that we would love to have you join us whenever you can; once a month, as available, etc. 

Fill in the "Contact Us Form" on this website and let us know what you have to offer.